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Felicia [DarkStalkers]
7/1/06 12:12 PM, 412 KB

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RIkku [Final Fantasy X-2]
7/1/06 12:13 PM, 501 KB

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Kasumi [Dead or Alive 4]
7/1/06 12:15 PM, 537 KB

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Kasumi [Dead or Alive 4]
7/1/06 12:15 PM, 376 KB

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Sakura [Naruto]
7/1/06 12:17 PM, 598 KB

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What IS he doing?
7/1/06 12:17 PM, 524 KB

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Rikku [Final Fantasy X-2]
7/1/06 12:19 PM, 737 KB

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Sora [Kingdom Hearts II]
7/1/06 12:19 PM, 582 KB

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Roy, Ed, Huges [Fullmetal ...
7/1/06 12:21 PM, 484 KB

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Skuld, Belldandy, Urd [Ah!...
7/1/06 12:22 PM, 494 KB

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Lacus Klein [Gundam Seed]
7/1/06 12:22 PM, 670 KB

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Tamahome, Miaka [Fushigi Y...
7/1/06 12:23 PM, 763 KB

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Chii [Chobits]
7/1/06 12:23 PM, 539 KB

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Chii [Chobits]
7/1/06 12:23 PM, 350 KB

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Yuna [Final Fantasy X]
7/1/06 12:24 PM, 612 KB

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Reno, Elena [Final Fantasy...
7/1/06 12:26 PM, 468 KB

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[Jet Grind Radio]
7/1/06 12:26 PM, 480 KB

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Skuld, Belldandy, Urd, Peo...
7/1/06 12:27 PM, 632 KB

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Rose Bride Anthy Himemiya ...
7/1/06 12:28 PM, 577 KB

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[Tenjou Tenge]
7/1/06 12:28 PM, 373 KB

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Alucard, Seras Victoria [H...
7/1/06 12:30 PM, 490 KB

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